I was really impressed by how effectively you communicated with the kids from so far away. Our children really got a sense of what life was like thousands of years ago. So often we read about the politics of Ancient Israel from the ancient texts of the Tanach, but the text alone seems distant to many young children. I was impressed by the ability of the teacher to connect to our students even though she was thousands of kilometers away. She actually conducted activities, had kids moving around, and engaged despite the fact that she was only connected via camera and projector. The lessons were multi-sensory involving engaging videos, informative visuals and hands-on activities all of which kept our children interested.

Mr. Eric Golombek - Principal, Associated Hebrew School of Toronto on the Ancient Israel Program

How else could these students be exposed to outstanding educators such as Semadar Goldstein, a veteran of the Hillel Torah Day School in Chicago and the Yeshiva of Flatbush in New York, and Rabbi Joel Cohn, the former principal of the SAR Academy in Riverdale, New York? They bring with them a wealth of experience in Jewish education, and a passion for Judaism and Israel.

Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl - Dean of the Margolin Hebrew Academy, Memphis, TN

I liked the games and the way ancient life was always brought back to how things are different today. One 4th grader was shocked to learn that 'Hadas' wasn't really thousands of years old! Thank you for your knowledge, mannerism and enthusiasm. It was a great experience for the children to have met you.

Mrs. Ruchie Hecht - Judaic Studies Coordinator, North Miami Beach, FL

Finally, a program that brings quality supplementary Jewish education to small communities! The Jewish kids in Omaha, Nebraska were connected to Israel, Hebrew language, and Torah in a fun and engaging way that speaks to the new on-line generation. Hebrew school of the past drove kids from Judaism. Jconnects is the Hebrew school of the future and it builds connections that will endure for a lifetime. Thank you Jconnect!

Rabbi Jonathan Gross - Beit Tefillah, Omaha

I was concerned at first, if our students would really be able to learn over a video conference, but at this point our students look forward each week to “going to Israel”. The level of learning is very high and our students are engaged and are really able to interact with Rabbi Cohn as if he were in the classroom. We are definitely interested in expanding this distance learning program

Rabbi Chaim Hagler - Principal, Yeshivat Noam, Paramus, NJ

Mack is truly enjoying his Sunday morning JConnecT Sessions. It has given our family tremendous flexibility because Mack has signed on to class from a variety of locations including restaurants, libraries and coffee shops as well as our own kitchen. It has cemented his already strong connection to Israel

Dr. Jimmy Krell - father of JconnecTer Mack Krell, 16, Birmingham, AL

Zev REALLY enjoys his sessions with Mrs. Goldstein. He is so excited about the Chessed program for the IDF soldiers. Connecting with you in Israel and the other kids online is a stimulating intellectual and social experience! We love it!

Mrs. Caroline Lee - mother of JconnecTer Zeev Lee, 14, Jacksonville, FL

I was worried that Nathan would not get the Jewish education that we had hoped for him when we moved to Corpus Christi, TX. JConnecT has provided him the opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a young Jewish person in a small city. He has enjoyed the sessions this year and finds the discussions very interesting and meaningful.

Jana Zager - Corpus Christy, TX


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